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    Wuxi HaiShiDe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Locates in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.We are researching, developing, and fabricating all kinds of precision transmission accessories which including Synchronous Pulley, V Belt-wheel, gear, Sprocket Wheel, Coupling, Transmission Shaft and so on. At the meantime, we technically cooperate with famous Drive Belts manufacturers (such as GATES \BANDO \MITSUBOSHI \OPT\MEGADYNE) and Bearing manufacturers (such as NSK\SKF). ......

    Good quality of products

    We have a strict quality control system. From production to testing, we have special checks to ensure that every product is up to standard.

    Competitive prices

    Factory direct sale, price competitive, help customers get more profits.

    Short delivery time

    We use advanced technology and equipment to deliver the goods in time.


    After-sale professional, quick reply, we always put the interests of customers in the first place.